Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How fast will the SHTF?

At noon, The President announced on television that the US was finally broke! No more money! So everything was going stop functioning immediately! Germany, Japan and China demanded that our promissory notes be payed on the spot in gold! When the Welfare payments stopped that day, naturally there were riots in every major city! We quickly bugged out that afternoon to get out of town. There were fires and riots everywhere. It seemed like every jail and prison had been emptied after the President's speech. Police and the National Guard quickly abandoned their posts to protect their families! Gangs took the streets and began looting and killing. The suburbs were in flames in minutes! Twice gang bangers tried to stop our truck which forced us to start shooting! By the time we got out of town that evening, it was almost too late!

How many survival, post apocalypse fiction stories go like this? It is almost as if the writer can't wait to get to the good part of their story - ( the scene which finds the hero telling off the FEMA representative standing at the door to his retreat!).

With survival minded folk like us, we have real world information to guide us in SHTF scenarios. For instance, take a look at Somalia or New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Both examples, though extreme opposites, can give us a glimpse into what happens when the poop hits the fan.

Take New Orleans for instance. We have a singular event (hurricane) which caused a larger event (flooding which broke the levies which led to more flooding) which changed a city overnight. Within the following day, all heck broke loose and all matter of horrors took place in a very short amount of time.

Now consider Somalia. After a series of bad governments, internal armed strife and conflict with neighbors, an entire country was plunged into chaos. Even with massive foreign aid and international intervention, the situation in Somalia became so large and daunting, most foreign help has pulled out of the country entirely. Today, Somalia is almost entirely run by gangs and local warlords and has no functioning form of central government.

In most large-scale SHTF situations, (the whole world or country affected), I think we will have a gradual slide rather than a massive shift in the way we conduct our daily lives. The only exceptions I put to this are in the event of a wide scale military attack or a natural event such as an asteroid hitting earth, polar shift or massive unexpected seismic event.

So I see a SHTF scenario going more like Somalia rather than New Orleans..
- Months of economic and financial upheaval.
- Chronic shortages of daily necessities like food, fuel, electricity and water.
- Increase in violent crime, riots, looting and public insurrections.
- Curfews, martial law and personal freedoms curtailed.
- War breaking out because of the nation's weakened state or intentionally to drive the national attention away from our internal problems.

Eventually, the current system of government breaks down. First in some key places then more and more across the country. Some cities and towns will continue to operate as best as possible with limited resources and outside contact.

All in all, unless there is a large event, such as a massive military attack, the process will take months if not years. People truly into preparedness will see the value of preparing at first for an inconvenient world, followed by a rapidly disintegrating and dangerous world.

That means stockpiling food, fuel, medical supplies and the ability to hide them and protect them.

That means thinking long term, as years, not 72 hours like we are told to prepare for.

That means having your food stores divided into three categories; short term (refrigerator/freezer, canned and packaged food), medium (flour, sugar, yeast, beans, rice) and long term (long term storage food, wheat, gardening and small scale food production).

That means water supplies, the ability to store and procure more.

That means fuel for transportation and long term transportation like bicycles, horses, wagons, even good physical health for walking!

That means the ability to produce some power through the use of wind and sun.

That means the ability to defend oneself and family and to surround your community with other like minded parties.

Than means being prepared to leave home and striking out for greener pastures elsewhere.

How fast will the SHTF? I don't know. But it is prudent to expect the results to last for a very long time afterwards.

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blockwarden said...

You seem to forget that the US Gov has already declared the equivalent of being bankrupt once.

No riots, no mayhem.. Just a good couple of weeks that all Gov servants took off to enjoy the rest.

The TS did not HTF then, I am not sure that it will if it were to happen now. History repeats itself.

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