Friday, May 01, 2009

Prepare: How To Prepare and Survive The End Of the World

First up, if you are serious about preparing for the end of the world and need a good reference to get started with  check this book out.

Friday question round up. Nearly everything and anything will be answered here.

How do I prepare for swine flu?

How do I stock food on a budget?

How do I prepare for the end of the world?

What vitamins are good to fight the swine flu?

Or the common cold or bird flu. I take lots of vitamin A,C,E, selenium, zinc, elderberry extract, echinacea and golden seal. Also, drink lots of clean water, green tea and orange juice.

How much food should I store?

A good rule of thumb is at least three months worth of food (and water) and it gets better with the more you store. Most people who "prep" have one to three months of "normal food" (what they eat daily) backed by several months of survival food - rice, dried beans, honey, sugar, flour, yeast, cooking oil, wheat, dried corn, etc. Further, they augment their stored food with a garden, fruit trees, domestic animals and local game.

Which gun is best post-SHTF?

The gun you have and know how to use. With lots of ammunition and plenty of ongoing practice. If you are new to guns or have not fired one in a while, talk to a gun shop or sporting goods store as well as regular shooters before you buy a firearm of any type. My personal opinion and that of others is the following in order of importance:
1) Shotgun
2) .22 rifle
3) Bolt action medium to large caliber (.243 to 308) rifle
4) Revolver in medium caliber (.38, .357)
5) Common sporter semi auto rifle (.223 caliber) i.e. AR15 or Mini 14

Remember, lots of ammunition and practice.

I need a list of survival foods. What should I get?

- Rice
- Dried beans
- Powdered milk
- oil and cooking lard
- canned vegetables and fruit
- canned meats like tuna and salmon.
- Sugar, syrup and honey.
- spices
- salt
- canned soups
- flour, baking powder and baking soda
- pasta
- dried meats, fruits and vegetables
- peanut butter

Where and how should I build a survival retreat? How do I start?

I just read "One Second After", how can I prepare for an EMP attack?

An EMP attack will take out modern electronics. To what size and scope, nobody knows but if something depends upon electricity or electronics to operate, you can be rest assured it will probably have problems. So that means have all important papers reading material (like those how guides on the internet) printed on paper. Get a tube radio such as the kinds everyone had in the 1940's. If you can afford it, a running pre-electronic ignition vehicle (pre-1970 to make it easy) will make you the king of the neighborhood (and the target of thieves and government goons). Have something to heat water and food on which runs on wood, coal, charcoal, or gas. And if you really want to hang on to that laptop, cell phone or modern radio, build a Farraday cage which may protect at risk electronics.

Can anyone survive a nuclear war?

They did in Japan and that is the only one we have to research. However, after the atomic bomb as invented, several countries including the U.S. spent lots of time and money to figure out the answer to the same questions: How to survive a nuclear bomb?
It can be done; check out Nuclear War Survival Skills for more in depth information. The real trick is after all is over: Having enough food and the ability to produce more.

Why would you want to survive the end of the world?

The world will not truly end short of a major astronomical event such as Earth being obliterated by another object in space or the atmosphere being completely ripped away from the planet. Otherwise, what we are really talking about is the end of our society as we know it. It may mean a total global war, financial or government collapse, or a pandemic. All have happened before and will happen again unfortunately.
Why do it? I take a look at my children and think what an irresponsible parent I would be to not provide for them in any way possible and that includes being prepared for worse case scenarios.

Swine Flu Guide Available Online


hemmiv8 said...

I have been watching the news and listening to the radio and do not know what to think of all of this. Will it happen? I mean 2012. I have talked to some of my friends and the smartest of them said it was a mathematical equation. Like a terminating decimal. It will go on for as long as it can and the restart. If the Mayans and Incas and the Chinese all predicted it to be on the same "date" maybe they just all got to the right answer. IF you can tell the date,time,year and month all from the stars then maybe it is all a mathematical equation. The ancient civilizations made calendars based on the stars, right? so it all has to start and end some where.

Jasmine said...

The world is not ending on 12/21/2012 and if you believe that you should get to know Jesus right away. .. I am not saying this to make anyone mad but. . . Jesus said that NO MAN knows the date and time of his second coming only the father. . . There is nothing wrong with being prepared. . . But lets prepare for the right thing. . . Jesus!

Brittany said...

Hemmiv8: The odd thing is that none of those civilizations predicted that the end of the world would happen in 2012. The Mayan calendar ends sometime, but we don't really know for sure how it lines up with ours so even if they did predict an end we don't know when it is. They didn't predict an end though, they just stopped making their calendar go on... do you really think anyone needs a calendar that predicts the date longer than a couple thousand years? Mine only goes to the end of this year. The Incas and Chinese usually aren't even included in the conversation because they definitely didn't have the same "prediction" as the Maya in this case. Calendars were based on either the lunar or solar cycle, not the stars anyway. And it starts when they started keeping track and stops, most likely, when our own sun blows up and kills the remaining life on Earth.

Anonymous said...

It's not 2012 or the mayan predictions that I'm worried about. I'm worried about solar storms they say might happen, the federal reserve induced inflation from the federal debt (watch money as debt), and peak oil which is going to happen within the decade (hirsch report wiki). We live in uncertain times. Prepare.

drfish said...

Fruit cakes, all of you. Do some proper research. There is no planet X, there is no asteroid on collision course, nor will the poles swap, nor will extreme weather, solar energy or any other form of natural disaster kill us all. All that will happen is a bunch of freaks will sit in underground bunkers, wrapped in tin foil, eating lentils and singing ging-gang-gooly. Wake the fu** up people of the world. The only world changing occurrence will be anarchism towards the oppressive governments of this world, which is already up and running in the Arab and African continents.

Seriously, wake up idiots!

drfish said...

Fruit cakes, all of you. Do some proper research. There is no planet X, there is no asteroid on collision course, nor will the poles swap, nor will extreme weather, solar energy or any other form of natural disaster kill us all. All that will happen is a bunch of freaks will sit in underground bunkers, wrapped in tin foil, eating lentils and singing ging-gang-gooly. Wake the fu** up people of the world. The only world changing occurrence will be anarchism towards the oppressive governments of this world, which is already up and running in the Arab and African continents.

Seriously, wake up idiots!

The Bob said...

Reading the drfish comment sounds like famous last words. i don't believe the world will end in 2012 because that is just silly but humans time on earth will end at some time. (And not because of Jesus as Jasmine thinks). The Earth has had a number of major events that if humans had been here at the time would have wiped us out. At some point in the future the earth will have another event whether from a large object from space, a large natural disaster, or something we do to ourselves. It is foolish to think that what happened to the dinasaurs wont happen to us. The only real hope for mankind to continue to survive through the ages is to start colonizing off of this planet where we have all of our eggs in one basket.

Punizzle said...

Britanny: Seems to me like you just do not WANT to believe in the end of the world. Of course that makes perfect sense as you'd rather choose to live.
OH and btw, if you would've done some research you would've found out that the calendar was stopped in the making not because they were lazy (crazy assumption), it was because of the End of the 26,000 year cycle, where the Earth would experience severe natural catastrophes.
AND, they did not predict that the sun would "blow up". Due to our solar system passing through the center of the galaxy every 26,000, there will cosmic disruption causing the Sun the emit Solar Flares, which means BYE BYE earth.

Everybody needs to prepare for the Earth's crash landing. Get food, water, radio survive underground for 3-6 months after 2012. Until then....GG.

domirulz1 said...

On 12/22/12 i'm gonna laugh my head off at all the retards who say the world's going to end. XD

Anonymous said...

In the meanwhile, if a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, or any other host of disasters hit, manmade or otherwise, you'll find yourself unprepared. Others will have been ready.

Anonymous said...

The world shall not end on 12/21/2012. For those who belive truly belive in god and jesus you shall know that there is no real time stamp set on earth. There is, but only god and jesus know it. when the world ends, God and Jesus decide when to save us. For those who belive in God and Jeasus we sall be saved from the horrible things that happen to the earth. We must pray to God and ask his forgiveness everyday, because we brought the end on ourselves. Between wars, globle warming, oil spills, and many other things hurting the Earth and people as we know it, We have to apoligise to God for putting this gift he so graciously gave us to horrible, horrible use. In God we trust.

SurviVal said...

It's obvious from the more sarcastic comments on here that some people totally miss the point of preparedness. It is not about a bunch of social misfits wrapped in tin foil and eating lentils, it's about being prepared to deal with a crisis and seeing your family through an emergency. The emergency does not have to be TEOTWAWKI. It could be as simple as getting your car stuck in a snow drift and having to stay there through the night. Or falling down a hillside when out for a ramble and being mentally prepared for that. It's about keeping your cool in a crisis.

Anonymous said...

Cmon now Jesus isn't real at least not in the sense Christians think, as a guy with a beard. Him and all the other people back in the day who could perform 'miracles' were alien prophets who came to earth disguised a humans all the gods who descended from the so called heavens were aliens from outer space If you look at it from a modern standpoint. And our ancestors minds were to primitive to understand alien technology and called it a miracle. All the religions are the same some dude coming from the 'heavens' or outer space and fucking a human chick and she gave birth to a half human half alien, look at ancient Greeks and Romans they have the same beliefs the gods would descend and have relations with human women who gave birth to 'Demigods' who grew up to be great heroes that actually existed like Heracles and Achilles and not just in story books. The world wont end at least not on 12/21/2012 but there will be great chaos and natural disasters gov't will be powerless to the people there will be panic disarray and looting. People will start killing each other and Jesus shall return jk I mean aliens will come back earth and take some ppl to another planet to start over the rest shall perish. As it is the aliens are already here, hidden, invisible, above every major city is a droneship lying in wait. Where you think those trumpets sounds come from?

Anonymous said...

NASA has been tracking an astroid that will hit in 2040. So those of you who say it won't happen, your wrong.

Anonymous said...

Watch & pray for no man knoweth the hour nor the day but God not even the son or the angels in heavens.. Just be prepared that you are accounted worthy to escape what is about to happen.. The rapture is already here.. Im a living witness that Jesus is real

Anonymous said...

I believe the world will end at one point, not knowing when, scientist can predic because of what we as people did to our world, If we as people took care of our planet from the get go then the world wouldn't have all this disaster...But no all we care about is more money...more technolagy...Take care ofour planet and jst maybe we could save it.

Anonymous said...

hmmm this is a touchy conversation. the world will end one day, but what scientist pridict is because of the trash we put in the world. All we as people think about is more technolagy and money not caring about the health of this planet we all live on. If we took more care of it, other than detroying then we will have a better chance of saving the world.

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