Monday, April 06, 2009

SHTF: EMP, One Second After, Gingrich

Newt Gingrich on the Dangers of EMP Attacks and a new book, One Second After by William Forstchen.

Checking the news this AM, I see that Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House from Georgia, has raised the alarm about the dangers of rogue nuclear states and the threat of an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) attack.

An EMP attack takes advantage of the massive amount of electro magnetic energy released by a nuclear device. Theoretically, an EMP blast would render inoperable sensitive digital circuits such as those found in computers, cars, telephones and other pieces of our nation's infrastructure.

Like the nuclear blast, the higher in the altitude the pulse takes place, the further it reaches. Again, in theory, a single EMP explosion, or chain of similar releases using nuclear weapons, could knock out most post 1950's technology in its path.

An EMP attack would give an enemy a decisive advantage. Their target would have no modern communications or weapons systems available to prepare and counterattack. Further, the damage to the civilian infrastructure would tax and possibly destroy a country's ability to recover. Moreover, because an EMP attack does not leave radiation or widespread damage often associated with a nuclear weapon, the land and much of its facilities would be ready and waiting for an invading army to take advantage of.

The affect on our society would be irreversible and unimaginable. Planes would drop from the sky. Automobiles, immobile, would clog the highways and streets. Communication, energy and food production would ground to a halt. All modern medicine would revert to the Dark Ages as diagnostic equipment goes offline. Law enforcement would be overwhelmed and quickly non-existent.

The question is could we survive?

First, anyone dependent upon technology or modern medicine for their daily survival is a near goner. I hate to sound gloomy, but if there is no power than all those machines aren't going to be functioning. Further, modern medicines will no longer be produced or available at the local Walmart any longer.

Next, my opinion is that the cities are the worse place to be simply because of the concentration of people, the sheer numbers of mouths to feed and the lack of space to grow anything to eat more than a Chia pet. However, most souls in the U.S. are clustered in and around cities.

So there is a good chance that a die off around 90% of the population would not be too far off. Quite frankly, between starvation, resurgent illnesses, crime and lawlessness, most of us don't stand a chance.

Preppers, however, have long prepared for an "post-EMP America" scenario. Unlike the uphill difficulties of radiation or pandemic, being ready means focusing on low tech solutions and storing enough basics for survival.

Because the ground and air are not contaminated and people are not walking pestilence carriers, a working survival community can be designed and prepared in most locations.

Having a remote location such as a farm or ranch is ideal. Food means having several acres of land for grain and vegetable crops, an orchard for fruit and enough space for chickens, goats, rabbits and cattle for meat, dairy and egg production. As important, is the knowledge and ability to produce food without modern machinery and having enough fuel on hand for a pre-1950's tractor and truck.

Stocking medical supplies helps, but having a trained doctor, dentist and nurse would do wonders. Also having skilled mechanics, carpenters and electricians around to build and repair older, pre-computer equipment would go a long way.

Finally, being in the best location and having the tools to defend the community would be the final piece determing whether or not we survived or not.

I think Gingrich speaking out on this subject comes in relation to his part of the release of One Second After by William Forstchen. One Second After is a new book written in the same style as the classic Alas Babylon (and Lights Out for us online fans!).

A father with two small daughters living in rural North Carolina faces a new, dark future after an EMP device is exploded of the U.S. sending the country and most of the world back to the dark ages.

This sounds like a great book as it deals with the aftermath of the attack for some months afterwards and tackles, as the review says, "some obvious and some not so obvious questions"

I love stories like these and am happy to see them in published form and with the press attention to go with it. I hope it wakes some people up and unlike zombies or lizard men from Mars, nuclear attacks are a very real end of the world scenario. I can't wait to get this book either online or at the store.

I don't know if I agree with Mr. Gingrich that one nuclear bomb could destroy the U.S. - at least not in the situation described in his article and built upon in the related book.

However, I do know that one nuclear weapon exploded in a major American city would cause a long term shock to the American people and a short term wave of panic like none of us have scene since 1962.

Best case is to be prepared for any eventuality and you know what that means.

Good luck,

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