Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Prepare: North Korean Nukes and You

"North Korea said Tuesday it would use nuclear weapons in a "merciless offensive" if provoked"

OK - so what does this mean to You?

First, let's set something straight; North Korea does not have the ability to fire a missile at the continental U.S. and hit Los Angeles, Seattle, New York or Houston yet. But they do have the ability to hit Alaska, Tokyo, several targets in China and of course South Korea.

So, if you live in Indiana, New York or Florida, how will that really affect you.

Here's a scenario for your Tuesday afternoon:

North Korea keeps making noise and South Korea, realizing they have the military edge on the North and knowing that each day means the North will be developing more nukes and the means to deliver them, invades the North.

Within hours, the 38th parallel is overrun by the South and Pyong Pang is in danger of falling to ground troops. The mighty nutjob running the North not only pulls the nuclear option by nuking two or three targets in the South, he also fires a few missiles at neighboring states China, Japan and Russia to spread the pain around.

China drops a few back on the North and Russia does as well. Japan officially does not have any so the U.S., after taking a poll and checking with a focus group, decides to fire a tiny nuke at the already smoldering ruins of the North.

Suddenly, without any further escalation, we have a dozen or so nukes being detonated in a tiny area of the world. Guess what happens then?

We have fallout spreading from the east and drifting to the west from the Korean peninsula towards the U.S. Guess what happens then?

After the news media reports fallout is on the way (and not having any understanding of the subject) panic spreads across the U.S. and every unprepared, ignoramus runs out to the store and starts piling Spam and Campbell's soup into their grocery cart.

Or loads up the car and heads "to the country".

Or flocks to the nearest official looking government building and asks "Where is the fallout shelter?".

And then Mr. Unprepared looks over at your house and says, "That nutjob next door was always buying big bags of rice at Costco and he has all those guns and that funny thing for radiation on his keyring. I am heading to his house!".

And then the Federal Government, already in the process of commandeering food and fuel for the Korean Cleanup and Mobilization, decides that too many Americans running around and panicking are a nuisance and distraction from their real job of "governing". Ta-Da! Martial Law is declared, (temporarily of course) nationwide to bring order to the country.

Naturally that order includes making sure everything from housing, food, fuel and money is equitably distributed for the "common good". Suddenly, that stash of Mountain House and Emergency Essentials food at your house is declared to be a community asset and you are arrested for hoarding.

Those with foresight have already headed to their "Bug Out" location, but under martial law, they find themselves at a temporary address and not at their permanent address which is required to receive food and fuel allotments. The Bug Outers may then change their job description to Raider and Looter (temporarily of course) and begin resource allocation.

In the cities, the urban elite decry the lack of shelters, food and other preparations for their comfort at the expense of others and begin to vocalize their discontent. Destruction ensues.

Meanwhile, some leaders in the world, upon seeing that a nuclear weapons can indeed be used for "limited" warfare, decide to drop a few more just to "finish up the job". Soon all the members of the World Nuke Club decide to hurry up and use their stored weapons before the other guy does.

And so begins the great decline across the whole world all because of a few nukes in another country. Could this happen? Sure, why not? But what matters more in the above scenario is what will you do?

Wouldn't it be nice to have ..

- a supply of food carefully obtained over time far from the probing eyes and curiosity of neighbors?

- a secret location off the beaten path to wait things out?

- some basic protection and detection gear?

- lots of basic knowledge such as where to get water, grow food and repair things?

You can. By taking a single nuclear weapon serious and making some plans and getting prepared now. Wouldn't you agree?


Bitmap said...

I'm more concerned about the North Korean Nutcase selling or giving nukes to moslem nutcases that might get it aboard a container ship and blow it up in a US harbor near a large city.

That isn't as likely as your scenario but would be much worse for the US.

John said...

Bitmap - Amen!

Actually the best delivery system is not a missile or bomber but a shipping container, Fedex truck or U-haul.

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