Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Prepare: Job and Credit Survival

Some may ask, "Where have you been? Why no posts for the last week or so?". Others probably did not notice; most have thier own problems these days and spending time reading blogs is not on the To-Do list.

First, the unemployment numbers keep going up. It's "officially" over 10 percent nationwide, with many states reporting double digits in the high teens, such as Michigan, California, Oregon and others.

The layoffs are continuing across the country and they will keep up until the balance sheets look good enough to see stocks rise. "See, everything is swell now".

Let's get back to reality. Layoffs will continue. Stop clinging to the idea that your job is "safe and secure". And it's not just private enterprise. Cities and states are running out of money that means that those teachers, cops, firemen and yes bureaucrats are going to start getting let go too.

What's worse is that many jobs are not coming back. Sure we have been losing manufacturing jobs for years, but add to that jobs in finance, insurance, and services are going bye-bye now too. With the current shenanigans going on in DC, don't expect there to be an uptick which creates new jobs and industries any time soon.

Even the Chairman of the Fed says that this will continue until 2011 or longer.

What are these people thinking?

Let's add to that the financial industry. Your credit cards, car loans and mortgages. Some of these companies have their heads on straight. They are working with their customer to find a way for them to keep their home and car anyway possible. I applaud those companies.

The credit card companies are in La-La Land. For customers falling behind on their "minimum payments" they are raising their interest rates. We are talking 18 - 24 percent interest rates. The worse car loan I ever had as a young man was 9.5 percent. Credit card interest at 24 percent? How do they expect anyone to pay that back?

And what's more, the credit card companies are moving quickly to charge off accounts and send them to law firms for collection. Great. What's next? Loan sharks breaking legs?

Have you ever spoken with a credit card company before? If you have a balance, they ask how much can you pay right now. They offer a free "check by phone". All we need is the past due amount of $3214.92, please. Can we set that up today? Sure, let me go sell a kidney and I will get back to you.

Then they have the nerve to ask, "Do you have a friend or relative you can get the money from? Or do you have retirement you can borrow against?". Sure, why don't I rent out my children for hard labor. I will get that money to you right away. The credit card companies will be asking for debtors prisons in the next session of Congress mark my words.

Hey credit card companies! How about you eat the late charges, over limit fees and lower your interest rates to single digits? Didn't think so.

These are the same companies who received huge loans and payouts from TARP courtesy of me and you. Granted, some refused loans and others paid them back, but where was our loan or rescue money?

Speaking of which, I don't want charity - let me keep some of what I earned in the form of tax relief. How about we freeze income taxes and tax withholding for one year. Guess what? Spending like you have never seen before.

Sure, many of us would use that windfall to pay down debt, buy food and save. But there would be spending - we are Americans after all.

But we can't have that. Our money is needed overseas, in the pockets of bankers and special interests groups who have never held a job or earned a dime in their life.

I have said before, I work three jobs. Sometimes I get paid on time other times not. I don't plan on ever having a standard, 9-5, get paid on the 15Th and 30Th, job again. Those days are over. Not by my choice. If someone called today and offered me $100,000 a year with benefits, I would be at their office before the phone hung up. They have us like rats in a maze.

This is life in America. I still am not discouraged. I am still optimistic. I still believe. Why?

Because our oppressors will starve by their own rules and requirements before they can break us. They can't think outside of the box while we lost ours to foreclosure years ago. They need the revenue, interest payments, minimum balances and late payments which are not coming any longer. We got used to less, unreliable, devalued money years ago. We will survive.

Systemic failure is imminent. Get your house in order and get ready.

Next - crop failure, weather patterns and food shortages coming this fall.

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Constitution said...

I was sent a letter from a law firm for a debt that was 3 1/2 years old, 2 weeks ago, the debt was sold three times before they sued me.

Like magic the debt increased to double, from the last time I had the debt. They were suing me for $1,500! How did it get so high? I have no idea, but they also wanted me to pay THEIR attorneys fees + court costs. (big balls they had)

Well, they apparently S**T their pants when they got a letter from an attorney I hired. I don't think they expected me to challenge them, or even acknowledge the lawsuit, thus getting a default judgment against me.

As soon as they got a response from my Attorney, they motioned for dismissal! LOL

I was not going to pay double what I owed + their attorneys fees + court costs, for a debt by a bank that got unconstitutional tax payer, bailout, money, and then got taken over by Chase.

SCREW THEM... I sent them down the road with their tails between their legs!

I'd rather give my money to a attorney I trust, versus a CORRUPT, Degenerate Banking institution.

Pray, Prepare, repeat...

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