Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Prepare: One Nuke Attack In The US

There is a program coming on one of the cable channels soon which explores what happens when a nuclear weapon is detonated in Washington DC.

Of course there will be some incredible graphics and special effects which will make this worth watching. The rest will all be fantasy as well as nobody can accurately forecast and plan for what would surely be the worse disaster in U.S. history.

That being the case, let's consider what might happen if Washington DC or another large metropolitan area were attacked with nuclear weapons.

First, the country will be stunned. Remember September 11, 2001? Most of us sat in front of the television for hours (it seemed like minutes) as we witnessed that terrible attack on the country. Many of us were to shocked after seeing the first tower go down to get up and do anything. For hours.

If a nuke goes off, expect that to be ten times worse. Some will sit still. Others will go into shock, hysterics and panic. Some will get on the phone, others in the car and others will try to book flights and start packing bags.

Here is what you should consider now: There may be more bombs. Soon. And maybe where you live. Get the shelter ready or get out of dodge.

If you are not supplied, you could go pick up a few more things. But remember, there are plenty of older Americans who remember the Cuban Missile Crisis as well as millions of panicking others wanting canned goods and bottled water, and they will be emptying out the stores just as fast. Plan and shop now.

Next, there will be panic. As stated above, some will jump in their car, get the kids and start driving to the boonies even though they have nowhere to go and did not even pack a bag. Others will go the airport. There will be misinformation spreading as people in California and other distant states panic over getting fallout from DC. They will call the city and government demanding to know where the nearest "bomb shelter" is. They will call the Congress person and mayor wanting to know where to go.

Then comes the first boot to fall; the government's initial reaction. The government will not want to panic anyone and will release a statement about what they know and a few preventative measures they are putting in place now. For instance, the government may ground civilian aircraft, limit phone calls or close certain roads. But that is the light response. The next shoe to fall will be much louder. That is why you need to prepare now.

The next communication from the government will put most of the U.S. under some sort of martial law. Most likely, it will limit travel (no panicking mobs allowed to leave the cities), they will limit firearm and ammunition sales (a dream come true for the Feds and now they have the chance), they will limit food and water purchases to stop "hoarders" (useless now that most of the stores are empty) and they will suspend most Constitutional rights in order to "bring to justice those responsible for this heinous crime". I would not want to be out on the streets or having to deal with law enforcement when this happens. They will nail you for having an expired license tag and throw you in the gulag.

Afterwards, will come the rules change which is necessary to meet this new "challenge". Many resources will be sent to the affected zone including some things taken by force. Emergency workers will be nationalized and sent to dangerous areas to help the injured. Most of the Guard and Reserves will be called up. A crisis like this will present unparalleled opportunities for the Federal Government to fully take over many parts of the nation and its resources.

I have a hunch two things won't happen. First, a response commensurate with the attack itself. The U.S. will wring its hands and look for a scapegoat in the desert or somewhere else far away. Second, there will be no planning or preparation for the public if a nuclear attack were to happen again. No Civil Defense revitalization, no call for fallout shelters in backyards, no stockpiling of food and medicines for an emergency. Rather, it will be time to create a new Federal agency for our protection such as Department of Man Made Disaster Planning and Response. Thousands will be hired to "raise awareness" about disasters.

So right now, your best bet is to a) stock pile supplies now, b) get away from the big cities or have a place to go to with little notice, c) be prepared to live low profile for as long as possible, and d) learn to do without. There may be a time when all help and services come from the government and the requirement is total subservience and forfeiture of assets.

Good luck

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Staying Alive said...

They use any excuse to extend their power. Be prepared to fight them tooth and nail. It can't be helped.


Bitmap said...

You're just smiles and laughs today, aren't you?

I tend to agree with your assessment of the government response.

Abraham said...

Personally, I think that the threat of nuclear war is lower than it's been in many years. It is possible to have some freaks set off one or two nukes, maybe dirty bombs, maybe simultaneously in a few cities. I don't think the country will collapse.

Unless something catastrophic happens, what you see is what you get. To wit a slow slide down the tubes. True unemployment over 20%, eventual inflation due to the falling dollar, scarcity of goods and resources and more crime.

That doesn't mean that I would be surprised to see economic related protests and civil disobedience and the imposition of martial law. I just don't see it on a nationwide basis.

azurevirus said...

I watched a news program a yr or so ago..been too long to rem who the senator was or the show..but I do remember him saying this (quote)"make no mistake about it..if a nuclear device goes off on American soil, life as you know it will change dramatically" (unquote)..those words have stuck with me..just wish I could rem who he was..I watch too much news and get too many google alerts to rem half the stuff I read...I also doubt a nuclear war to be in the nearby wings..even if a terrorist nuclear device was detonated...if any terrorist organization is planning such an event..they best hurry..another few yrs and America will be a third word country anyway the way the politicians are running with it..and what self respecting terrorist would want to take out us out then?

Anonymous said...

Gods mill grinds slow but sure........................................

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