Monday, June 28, 2010

SHTF: Meetings are a waste of time

I don't know how much more blunt I can be. Meetings are a waste of time, post-SHTF.

September 11, 2001 - I was at home when the planes hit the WTC. My wife and I watched for about five minutes. I got up, went to my computer and transfered a certain amount of money into my checking account from savings. I then went to the car, drove to the store and purchased a good amount of food, batteries, bottled water, etc. I then went to the bank and withdrew a sum of money in cash. Then I went home. *

Here's how it goes in survival fiction. THE EVENT happens (bombing, war, EMP, economic collapse, etc). The Hero and his Family regroup at home. His Best Friend and Wife come over. Then his pal, the Deputy drops by followed by a Group of Neighbors who are having a Meeting at 7PM to talk about what happened. Everyone converges at Neighbor's house and has a two hour blabfest about "What Happened" and plans to protect the neighborhood. Everyone goes home late at night in silence "thinking" about what to do.

Guess what was happening why our main characters were having an "post SHTF encounter rap session"? The local Food Lion/Safeway/A&P was cleaned out by people like me.

Two or three days later, after the Hero and Wife have taken an inventory of the house and made The List, they get in the car and find out all the grocery stores are empty along with the gun store, hardware store and gas station. They scurry home and have another Meeting. "Let's talk about the lack of supplies and what can we do about it?" they moan.

In the meantime, I am ripping my hair out. "Why are you having a meeting and talking when everyone needs to be throwing their money in a big pot and sending three trucks to the nearest grocery store, hardware and gun store, pronto? Why are you listening to Long Winded Willie tell some big conspiracy yarn? Why is everyone getting to put in their bit and wasting T-I-M-E?" !!!!

In business, I have made some obervations about meetings. The most successful leader or boss never goes to meetings. He has better things to do. Like make decisions. And make money. Meetings are for his underlings to deal with. Successful people hate meetings. Everyone talking, complaining, worrying. Nobody in the meeting is working. Not making widgets. Not making sales. Not making the company money. Bosses, successful bosses, hate meetings.

Same with survival. Meetings are an excuse not to gather more supplies, to plant gardens, to build defenses, to WORK. Nobody is watching the front or back doors. Nobody is taking action. Just taking up time and space.

The lowest guy on the totem pole loves meetings. Sure, he gets out of work for an hour or so. But more important, he gets to talk. To put in his two cents. To spew all of his expertise which is usually wrong or half baked nonsense. He gets to feel important. Like he is part of the decision making process. He gets to be heard.

Meetings are a distraction. In a post-SHTF situation, gathering at a neighbor's house for two hours is the same as downing a handful of slow acting poison. Life goes on, but the inevitable is prolonged.

Not me. I turn on the TV and see Armageddon Right Now, like heck if I am going to have a pow wow. I am getting in the car and going to the Kroger around the corner and getting everything I can get my mitts on. Sure I got stuff stocked at home, but The End means no more trucks are rolling. My kids aren't going hungry one day more than the next guy if I can help it.

As for the meetings, have fun.  I won't be attending. By the way, don't make plans with my stuff at your meetings. While you were passing rumors and sharing your feelings, I got to the gun store and got the last of the ammo. Meeting adjourned.

* Like many here, 9/11 was the final wakeup call for me. Greenbacks in the bank don't do any good when the SHTF. Since then, I have built my supplies and cash reserves. If need be, I will stay home and batten down the fortress. However, if there is time, I will still hit the grocery and grab some last minute preps. There's never enough.


Anonymous said...

I agree that the "meeting" is probably a waste of time. At the same time, I think in a lot of situation, problems come on in slow motion. So people are paralized just like the frog that is slowly cooked.

I just read a good fiction story by a "Divot" called The Fall of Europe. It kinda follows this aproach and was a fair read. It's over at SHTeconomy dot com.

JD said...

Regarding meetings.. we have little to base our ideas upon except for fiction and a few self contained real life survival stories. In fiction, the meetings are nothing more than blab fests providing a venue for amateaur Constitutionalists/economists to spread half baked nonsense and conspiracy theories.

I read Fall of Europe and I liked it because..

- It was NOT the popular SHTF fiction and highly unlikely scenario where a "single, middle aged military veteran now working guy builds a survival complex for off the beaten path because he thinks the world is coming to an end and stocks it with multiple years worth of food and things just in case he meets a woman who talks and walks like a guy but looks like Pamela Anderson".

- It took place somewhere other than Missouri, idaho, Arizona, or Michigan like every other freakin survival story online.

- It was uniqe. Who would have thought to have a survival story in Europe?

Thanks for reading and your comments,

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