Thursday, December 09, 2010

SHTF: Who Goes First?

This is a subject and post which will probably bug most readers. If easily offended, please turn on TV or something.

The question comes up frequently: When the SHTF, who will go first? In other words, which group of people won't make it and will fall earliest?

Generally, the response from those questioned, especially those into preparedness, is the same...

- Welfare recipients
- "Yuppies"
- Tree huggers
- Don't get its (DGI)
- Druggies

The stereotypical responses. Further, those questioned never consider where they would be. Most are self assured that they will be fine as they are in the "Get It" column.

OK. If the S really HTF, think about what will happen and who will really be effected.

- No more US mail.
- No more doctor's offices, hospitals, clinics
- No more pharmacies
- No more pensions or social security checks
- No more government offices or agencies to be called for assistance
- No more assistance, no more food banks, no more home delivered meals

Get it? If you live off any form of government assistance, then you are also at risk. That includes veteran benefits, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and so on.

Suddenly, the pool is larger.

Further, a healthy 20-something former condo living, BMW driving now desparate urban resident on the run is a real threat to a 60-something, scooter riding retiree who has a pantry full of food and a running pickup truck. One is healthy and the other is taking a kitchen counter top full of medications. Who wins in a one on one fight?

The welfare recipient may be dismissed, but don't forget, they have adapted to the system. They currently know how to get free medical treatment from the emergency room, how to get food stamps and eat, how to get a free bus pass and a ride, how to get discounted housing and a place to sleep. In a nutshell, they figured out how to ride the system to get what they want and need.

That same mindset can and will help them survive in a post-SHTF world. They will adapt and figure out where the lone survivor is with the stored food because that is how they survive now. They can sniff out "stuff" and consider themselves entitled to it. Watch out for this group, they are more dangerous then you think.

Next, addicts. Addicts don't care if they are dirty, if they steal, if others die or if they offend anyone in order to get their next fix. Most of all, they personally don't care if they live or die, afterall, they are pumping their body with dangerous chemicals with little regard for their own health.

Therefore, they are the most dangerous of all to the prepper post-SHTF. They will come for you and your stuff if they think you have alcohol, cigarettes or drugs that they need. And they won't think anything of killing or hurting to get it. The addict will also adapt to the situation much faster than the "stick in the mud" who thinks his preps are enough to ride out the situation.

Next up, the obese. I don't care if you have five years worth of food and the latest Socko-Whammo M5000 rifle, if you get out of breath walking from the Laz-E-Boy to the front door, your butt is toast. In the time it takes to turn around or get up from bed, the younger, faster and much slimmer raider is going to disarm you, push you on the floor and watch you flounder around like a turtle on its back.

Don't fall for this imaginary world presented online where the "feisty, he-may-be-slow-but-is-crafty old timer" defeats innumerable hoardes of city dwelling, welfare abusing, don't get it, yuppie raiders. Those who adapt first in the post-SHTF world will win. And they will win by being prepared now in the pre-SHTF world.


Scott R said...

JD Morning,

I see those who will fall first will be those who do not or will not adapt to the situation, "help is coming" or "that's looting/ stealing" Fine starve then or let the elements take you. Post SHTF anyone and everyone you do not know and 100% trust in could be a threat to you and yours, I would not count anyone out as being dangerous. Something that also does not get brought up very often is the subject of race, when things get ugly race will be a major player, being the wrong color and in the wrong place has in the past been deadly, even today there are places you just fo not go if you don't reflect the proper skin tone. Survival will be nasty and it will not be the youngest or oldest or the best prepared who wins, some of those things will help but it will be the one who is willing to do whatever it takes that will make it, when you are in a no rules game you have to play it that way or loose.

Scott R.

russell1200 said...

People who are allergic to bee stings, or very limited by food allergies.

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